3 Reasons Why Video Content Performs Best

3 Reasons Why Video Content Performs Best

We’ve noticed the internet blowing up with articles about video. There are infinite reasons why you should implement video into your marketing strategy, but why is video better? It’s a bold statement, but we believe video is the best type of marketing content. Here are three reasons why video performs best and should be your main marketing focus this year.

It Rises To The Top

When we say it rises to the top, we mean it. Social media algorithms and search engines are all starting to prioritize video. Why? Because video content inspires real engagement from audiences. In fact, viewers are 10x more likely to comment, share or interact with a video post. Facebook and Instagram’s new algorithms focus on content that promotes “meaningful conversations.” If you’re not attracting real engagement (likes, comments and share), your content will struggle to stay on people’s feeds and will be pushed off quickly.

In addition, video content improves the marketing outreach you’re already publishing. An email subject line containing the word “video” is 19% more likely to be opened. A website with a video can increase conversion rates by over 80%. We repeat: Video content wins.

Video Improves Your SEO

In addition to boosting your other marketing initiatives, video content improves your SEO. In fact, you’re 50 times more likely to be on the front page of Google if you have a video on your homepage! Crazy, right? Well it’s no surprise when over 90% of consumers admit videos help them make purchasing decisions. Why does Google like video content? Well, in 2018 over 64% of all internet traffic was video based and it’s expected to rise to 80% by next year. When the world wants video, search engines deliver.

Reactions Get Emotional

People are soaking up video content because it’s more powerful and genuine than simple text. Think about it. When’s the last time a short article or blog made you cry or laugh versus a short video on your Facebook timeline? Videos spark emotional reactions. When you can create feelings with your marketing, you’re creating an emotionally invested audience. An emotionally charged follower will promote your brand, refer your company, and ensure repeat business. Video is effective and it’s no surprise why. One minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million written words of text in conveying a message. Yikes!

It’s harder for small businesses to get started with video but they’re slowly adopting it. An article from Search Engine land revealed, “While only seven percent of small local businesses with annual marketing budgets of less than $10,000 used video last year, 12 percent use it this year, an increase of 71 percent.” Now that we’ve cleared up why video content performs best, it’s time to get started! It’s easier than you think to get your video marketing strategy off the ground. You can do it! 

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