5 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Presence with Video

5 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Presence with Video

Did you know that five new Facebook profiles are created every second? With over two billion users, it’s no surprise that Facebook has expanded far beyond photo albums and status updates. The platform is quickly adapting to broadcast video content to compete with Youtube and keep up with the video demand of the internet. It’s no joke since over 500 million hours of video is consumed on Facebook each day. With Facebook setting its sights on video, it’s vital to integrate video content into your marketing strategy.

Here are some creative ways to integrate video into your Facebook presence to expand your reach and gain new followers. Follow these five, easy tips and you’ll optimize your Facebook Business page and boost your brand online!

1. Change your call-to-action button

We all know a few businesses that are hard to explain, but easy to understand after a quick video. Make your favorite video front and center by altering your call-to-action, or CTA, button. Just hover over the CTA button below your cover photo (see in the image below where it says “Sign Up?”), then select “Edit Button.” There are many options you may want to consider, but for video, click “Learn more about your business” then select “Watch Video.” Now when people arrive at your page, it’s clear and easy for them to watch any video of your choosing.

2. Feature a video on your business page

Do you have a cool introductory video to your business or an animated explainer on what a product does? Don’t restrict nice videos to just your website or Youtube channel. Display them on your Facebook too. On the sidebar, click “Videos” then select “Choose Video” in the feature section. Now, your main video will be the main attraction of your video uploads to highlight your best content.

how to set feature video facebook business page

3. Integrate video into your content strategy regularly

Another way to build your video presence is by uploading more videos (no surprise there!). Add video to your content marketing strategy and set a goal to upload one new video per week. You’ll quickly see that videos attract more engagement from your audience. In fact, they typically gain 135% more organic (unpaid) reach meaning more people will see it. The average native Facebook video reaches 16.7% of the total audience! Starting a video strategy is easier than you think. Educate viewers with recipes, quick how-to’s, or share a unique way to use your product. Check out this blog post for starting a video strateg.

4. Try out Facebook Live

If you like Instagram Stories, then you’ll love Facebook Live. The average engagement rate on a Facebook Live stream is 4.3% – that’s huge! Another great reason to try it out is that it’s much more relaxed. It’s a live video so people want to see the real you, unscripted and speaking from the heart. Start off easy with a tour around your business or take them behind the scenes of how you build your product. Next, host a Q&A and even ask the audience to submit some questions!

5. Swap out static image ads for video ads

Enhance your Facebook advertising by switching out static images for short video ads. Facebook has made it easy to promote video ads and they perform better! Try to keep video ads short in length, according to Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, who recommends 6 seconds. Square dimensions also perform better since they take up 78% more space in the News Feed and also yield more clicks than landscape videos. New to video ads? Check out this blog post for an introduction.

Boosting your presence on social media isn’t easy, especially on Facebook. The organic reach of business pages is dropping so it’s essential to adapt your strategy. Since Facebook is changing its platform to better accommodate video, it’s time to learn how videos on Facebook work. It’s also the perfect opportunity to boost your own brand with it. These five, quick marketing tactics are easy to complete and effective. Let us know how it goes!

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