Advertise a Sale with Yala

Advertise a Sale with Yala

It’s crunch time! You have a limited time offer and time is of the essence. You need to create interest and drive traffic ASAP! Let’s pretend you have an upcoming sale and want to spread the word like wildfire.

Yala’s “Shopping” category is the perfect opportunity for any retail or e-commerce business. With high-quality, 1080p clips optimized for social media, Yala’s videos convey the joy and happiness of shopping. Talk about retail therapy! Connecting your brand to positive emotions will help your viewers anticipate your news – and want to visit your store asap. 

Yala’s “Shopping” category gives retail store endless options for fun videos!

Some video ideas include counting down the days of your sale or announcing the sale’s details, like “Big Summer Blowout!” When you’re having a super sale, you want all eyes on you.

Yala also makes it easy to create shareable graphics so advertising your sale is easy. These graphics are perfect for social media since they size automatically to the platform you’re posting to. Facebook and Twitter demand shorter, horizontal posts while Instagram prefers a standard square. Yala graphics are also great for inserting into email newsletters or on websites. We’ve even seen people print them out and use them in store!

Advertising a sale can take a lot of work but thankfully Yala takes out all the heavy lifting. Your followers will get excited to see your news and happily contact you sooner than later.

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Try out Yala to advertise your next sale. Our free plan is the perfect opportunity to test out all the benefits of Yala without commitment.

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