Agencies can team up with Yala

Agencies can team up with Yala

There is power in numbers and agencies live up to that. Marketing agencies offer a full spectrum of services for clients including strategy, graphic design, content creation, social media management, and much more. Whether you’re a full flock of SMM-savvy worker bees or you’re a small team of just two or three, Yala’s agency accounts are a great way to streamline social media marketing for clients.

There are a lot of life-saving tools to help agencies but they can be costly. Yala’s competitive price beats most SMM tools and still offers similar functionality. Assign roles to your team with a hierarchy system of checks and permissions. Plus, you get unlimited account linking to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s easy to grow with Yala. As your agency hires new staff or you add more clients, Yala is flexible to help you stay in control without any unfavorable price or level jumps. There’s a reason social media managers and freelancers alike love Yala. We won two awards for it and our friendly usability.

Admin benefits aside, Yala makes it easy to achieve your clients’ goals. We save your team time because Yala streamlines social media marketing and content creation. It’s an all-in-one tool that designs high quality branded graphics and makes social video ads during the natural scheduling process. So when you’re posting the week’s content, you can create visuals on-the-fly to enhance your clients’ social posts.

Video marketing is becoming more popular and many clients are wanting to try it out, but video creation is hard and video tools are expensive. Yala’s video library is a curated collection of 1080p, non-stock clips that engage viewers through emotion. These 10-second videos are perfect for social posts, Instagram, or Facebook ads!

Worrying about when to schedule posts is a thing of the past. Yala is powered with smarter scheduling software so it times posts when your unique accounts’ followers are online. This increases engagement and ensures further organic reach! It’s easy to:

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Save time, money, and frustration when your team switches over to Yala. Contact us to learn more about Agency pricing and plan details!

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