Customer Spotlight: Nestiny

Customer Spotlight: Nestiny

Yala is proud to have a customer community made of brilliant businesses. Our new Customer Spotlight series is a chance to feature the brands who are making moves in their industry.

Meet this month’s highlight; Nestiny, a Virginia-based real estate (RE) tech startup that is “the consumer’s champion!”

Founded by Jody Rotman, Nestiny is changing the way consumers learn about RE online and connect with curated, related home-services professionals. “Our mission is to change the way that people learn about real estate online to simplify homeownership. Our vision is to create a meaningful one-to-one relationship between our members and real estate professionals through gamified education,” says Jody.

Nestiny is special because of its unprecedented technology which takes a holistic view to solving common problems in the RE industry. Jody reveals, “We’ve done this by being authentic, caring about warming up our members’ experience online through education, and pushing the envelope visually so that our site stays completely original.”

Everything Nestiny produces is professionally developed content all made in house! It takes an incredibly talented and creative team to dream up and produce this abundance of original content. “We want to surprise and delight visitors to our site and keep them coming back for more,” she says. Nestiny publishes articles, online tools, graphics, and videos making RE education their top priority.  

“We want to be a household name with real staying power in an industry rife with disruption right now. Think of us as a digital safe haven for consumers and real estate professionals.”

Social media is a big reason why Nestiny is becoming a household name. Jody attributes it to dramatically helping Nestiny build awareness among consumers and also being the perfect channel to share all their original content. She advises that brands should focus on all social media platforms relevant to their target audience.

“Nestiny bridges a generational gap between millennials and more mature generations. So in our case, we need to utilize all social channels to reach the right audiences at the right time and in the ways they expect,” Jody says.

Jody is a successful entrepreneur and RE expert. If you’re starting your own business, “Do some serious soul-searching and research before you dive in. Follow your heart but use your head. Make sure it’s in an industry where you’re passionate and knowledgeable,” she says.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, check out Nestiny’s awesome resources to create your free home wishlist or calculate how much you can truly afford. They’d love your feedback on what they’re building! They even have special offerings for RE agents.

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