Elevate Your Real Estate Business with Yala

Elevate Your Real Estate Business with Yala

Yala is making waves in the real estate industry, helping agents and home service professionals market their business and capture leads online. There’s a reason we’ve been in the news lately with these RE publications:

Being a real estate agent is a nonstop job. As a windshield warrior, you’re on-the-go to please clients, show properties, impress prospects, and respond to your cell phone that never stops ringing. Real estate agents and REALTORS® are busy buying and selling homes, but their jobs stretch far beyond finalizing contracts. Along with marketing their own listings and networking to find buyers, real estate professionals must also market themselves.

real estate videos with yala
Yala’s real estate video category has clips made especially for the RE industry.

Hanging your tags with a brokerage gives you branding and credibility but it doesn’t always mean that individual marketing is handled. Real estate pros know how important it is to get your name out there and establish a foundation among your local community. Many agents flock to social media since it’s filled with infinite connections and is, essentially, free. But just because it’s easy to begin social media marketing, SMM does not mean that it’s easy to be good at it.

Yala is on a mission to help simplify social media and video marketing for everyone, but real estate professionals especially have found Yala helps their business online. One big reason is Yala’s social video ads. Many agents find that Yala’s “real estate” category satisfies their video marketing needs and more. Yala’s short, reactionary videos are optimized to perform on all social media platforms. Common videos agents make with Yala are to:

  • Reinforce their branding and social media presence
  • List their phone number in a memorable way
  • Highlight a call-to-action (like calling your office)
  • Advertising open houses or other events

In 2019, it’s obvious why every real estate agent needs a video marketing strategy. Video posts perform better than all other types, and it’s a great way to compliment other marketing, like buffing out your content marketing strategy.

Are you a beginner to social media? Check out Yala’s resource: The Non-Techie Guide to Real Estate Social Media
girl waving, example of yala real estate video ad
Say hi to your followers with a Yala video ad.

You don’t need to stay up to date with the latest video trends in real estate to be successful; you just need quality videos. High-quality videos can do more than just promote engagement on Facebook or help you be successful on Instagram. The great things about Yala videos are that their short nature and the square format allows you to share them all over. We’ve seen them embedded on websites, sent in email newsletters, posted on Youtube, and even on blog posts. 

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Join our real estate community and take Yala for a spin to help you schedule your real estate social media, design branded graphics, and create awesome video ads.

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