Event Reminders with Yala

Event Reminders with Yala

If you have a big event coming up, it’s up to you to spread the word. There’s nothing worse than hearing someone say after the fact, “Oh, I didn’t know about it!” Thankfully, Yala makes event reminders fun and easy.

One way to send friendly event reminders with Yala is through our video ads. Create fun videos that capture people’s attention and of course, tell them about your big event. Yala has video categories specifically for reactions that are perfect for making announcements and sharing event details.

Another way Yala improves event communication is through its graphics. Matching your logo, Yala automatically changes all its templates to your brand colors. Rest assured, you have the creative freedom to mix and match any color combinations you want! Play with our theme library and capture the mood you want. Once you’re happy with your design, Yala automatically resizes it to any social platform so it fits on feeds and timelines perfectly. 

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Ensure that your posts reach the maximum number of followers by scheduling your social media with Yala too. Yala’s smart AI studies your followers’ behaviors and automatically publishes when it predicts the most people will be online. This means more people will see your post! You don’t need to worry about when; just simply create beautiful content and let Yala worry about the timing.

Since creating beautiful, high-quality content is so easy with Yala, you can make new graphics or videos every day counting down your event! With more eyes on you and your brand, people are bound to be excited about your event and participate.

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