Exciting Text Images by Yala

Exciting Text Images by Yala

It’s not easy to design graphics when the term “graphic designer” isn’t in your job title. You want to include quality images in your marketing, but without the time to learn design skills, where do you begin? There are tons of design tools out there, but you don’t want to dedicate the energy into learning yet another tool (or pay another monthly subscription fee). What if we told you that you can design graphics at the same time you’re scheduling a social media post?

Create branded text graphics as part of your natural scheduling process. Whenever you compose a new post, Yala gives you three options:

By selecting to create “an image” you are directed to Yala’s design tool. Using the colors from your logo, Yala automatically changes each of its templates to match YOUR brand colors. Click through the colored dots to switch background shades or drag and drop them to customize colors for a unique post. Then, add some text below your graphic and voila- your social post is done!

When you’re happy with your design and continue, you’ll see that Yala magically transforms the square graphic to the preferred dimensions of both Facebook and Twitter too! Now, when you schedule the post to certain platforms, it’ll be sure to use the correct size to optimize post-performance.

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If you want to take your text to another level, you can animate it. Bring Yala text graphics to life by choosing to create a video instead of a graphic at the beginning. All of Yala’s templates can transform into video ads so now your text moves! Leave them as text, or add a live-action video clip. Download them as GIFs or MP4s so they’re ready to upload anywhere – to social posts, emails, comments, blogs and more. 

There are many reasons to include visuals in your social media posts. Why? Well, for starters many social platforms are image-focused *cough Instagram or Pinterest* so quality images are a necessity! On top of that, articles with images get 94% more views than those without, so buff out your blog with some nice graphics. Scrolling through Facebook or Twitter it’s easy to pass by blocks of text but when you publish a graphic (like the one above, for example) your followers see your call-to-action loud and clear! 

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Don’t let your audience miss out on important news, sales or events. Try out Yala to create exciting text images for all your social platforms and beyond! 

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