Facebook Ads with Yala

Facebook Ads with Yala

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. Nearly every person or brand is represented and whether you like it or not, a Facebook presence is normalized and necessary for any modern marketing or social media strategy.

However, with continuous updates, Facebook isn’t making it easy for business owners to get in front of their audiences. According to this study, less than 2% of fans see organic posts and engagement dropped over 58% since the infamous algorithm update of 2018. Without a post gaining engagement (shares, comments, replies, and interactions), it falls off timelines – fast.

So how can you get more engagement on Facebook and get in front of more people organically? VIDEO. Most social platforms are moving toward video and promoting this form of content. Why? For starters, it performs better. Video gets 135% more reach than photos. In a study we ran with Yala’s Facebook page, we found videos attracted double the engagement and 23% more impressions! It’s easier than you think to kickstart your video strategy. Yala is here to help!

When you want to advertise beyond your own Facebook audience, there’s paid Facebook advertising. It’s one of the most sophisticated marketing platforms because of its audience insights like demographics, interests, social behavior and more. There are many types of Facebook ads but the best performing one is (you guessed it!) video. 

An advertising agency and fellow Yala customer found that Yala video ads skyrocketed their Facebook efforts. They went from nearly $50/lead to under $10/lead thanks to the success of Yala video ads.

With 2.38 billion users (yes, billion with a B), Facebook is reportedly growing 36% year-over-year. You need to grow your presence on the platform and video is one of the best options to do so. Thankfully, we’re in this with you and eager to help grow your business on Facebook.

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Did you know Yala has a free plan? Connect your Facebook account and try some of your own Yala video ads!

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