Freelancers, Yala’s got your back

Freelancers, Yala’s got your back

Freelancers have mastered the mix of ambition and freedom. The rise in popularity for freelancing is no surprise given its flexible nature and limitless options. As more people become freelancers and take on increased business, new software tools are emerging to help these solo-creatives juggle clients and get things done. There are a lot of life-saving tools for freelancers, but today let’s see why Yala is one of them.

The first (and possibly biggest) reason that Yala rocks for freelancers is simple: it saves you time. There’s a reason we won two awards for it.

It streamlines social media marketing and content creation. It’s an all-in-one tool because you can design high quality branded graphics and make video ads during your natural scheduling process. Yala’s video library is a curated collection of 1080p, non-stock clips that engage viewers through emotion. Check out our Youtube channel for plenty of fun, video ad examples: like these

Another pro is that Yala lets you connect unlimited social accounts and pages, so you can manage all of your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts in one easy-to-view dashboard. If you work with a team and need more power, Yala has agency accounts with structured roles.

Worrying about when to schedule posts is a thing of the past. Yala is powered with smarter scheduling software so it times posts when your unique accounts’ followers are online. This increases engagement and ensures further organic reach! It’s easy to:

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The more you can streamline and automate, the better your freelancing life is. Use all the time you save on bigger projects or acquiring new clients – or hey, take a well-deserved break (we won’t tell anyone).

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