How does video length affect views?

How does video length affect views?

Video lengths are all over the place. Some are long enough to require popcorn while others are only seconds, so which is best for your business? There are many factors that play into the retention and success of a video, but its length is a big part of it. So fix up a snack and let’s get into it!

What’s the average video length?

With billions of internet videos that range from Vines (six seconds) to full-length motion pictures, let’s focus on video that you might likely create. We’ll break it down by platform. First up, Facebook. “The average length of a [Facebook] video… was 3 minutes and 48 seconds,” according to Business2Community. How successful are these videos? In recent studies, posting videos to Facebook is more effective than Youtube, resulting in 62% more reach than a YouTube video on average per post. Sounds good, right? Wrong, because “the average time watched was only 10 seconds or only 4% of the full video length.”

Let’s change gears and take a look at Youtube. The ten most popular Youtube videos averaged a length of 4 minutes and 20 seconds. That’s in line with the average length of Facebook videos. Assumably, the retention rates are similar as the longer the Youtube video, the more people dropped off viewing it. 

Just because people are uploading lengthy videos, doesn’t mean that people are watching them. In fact, 5% of viewers will stop watching videos after one minute and we lose 60% after two minutes. Creating videos is a lot of work so if you’re going to implement video into your marketing strategy, how do you get people to really watch them?

Length of video ads

Average video content is longer in length, 3-4 minutes, but unfortunately it’s still struggling to hold viewers until the end. Organic content only travels so far without engagement and quality views, so many resort to video advertising to push their content into the world. With a small budget every month, you can ensure your video reaches more eyeballs. But when you begin boosting posts or paying for video ads, it’s important that viewers watch it until the end! How can you ensure that people keep watching? Simply shorten the video.

The average video ad length for advertisers is 11-20 seconds long. Why? Because there’s a better retention rate for shorter videos. The average attention span these days is eight seconds. In 2017, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, said that compared to 15-30 second ads, 6-second ads displayed higher brand metrics across the board.

Better performance for videos 1/3 of the length? It’s a win-win. They’re simpler to produce, easier to edit, and quicker to get out to the public!

Keep it short

There is a lot of evidence supporting both longer and shorter length videos. We suggest focusing on shorter length videos because of how easily they can translate into video ads. If you can captivate your audience in less than 10 seconds, you’re on to something great. Quickly capture your audience, convey your message, represent your brand and voila! Your videos don’t need to be so long they require popcorn. Keep them short and your videos will not only rack up views but people will watch it all the way through, just as you intended!

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