How small businesses and busy marketers use Yala to publish branded content on social media.

This article will cover how we, as a small business, used images to get greater visual impact along with an Instagram regimen even without the pretty photographs.

First let me tell you, I’m pretty resistant to properly managing my social media. Not only because I’m a compulsive procrastinator, but because I’m a perfectionist and when I can’t think of anything to say, I’m not the kind of person that’ll just publish anything. I’m more discerning than that. The downside is I don’t post nearly enough.

How social media should look.

When brands — like yours — express themselves on social media, it needs to look good. There’s no denying that social media has become more visual, which brand advertising has mostly been responsible for. The fact now is that for brands, plain text posts don’t perform as well. This trend is likely to continue to and make way for 360 video and virtual reality!

Having more recently founded a startup that didn’t quite make it, I coincidentally struggled with social media and branding. Not only did writer’s block afflict me but I also didn’t have the design resources to meet my own high standards of what I felt was good visual content. I asked designer, Rogie King, for a little advice. His social media presence has always been great.

To cut a long story short, we decided to cofound a tool to help us be more creative with our social media, together. The good news is… it’s for you too.

Here is the problem we set out to solve:

Brand advertising for a small business is a challenge when you don’t have a designer on hand.

As a brand, even with all the world’s stock footage we were still having a hard time getting the color right. The images we were using had no connection to our colors and good stock images cost money. We also needed easily adding text and our brand’s logo to the image. Here’s the great brand advertising of Shorty Awards.

From Shorty Awards

Notice how all these images have a professional, color-consistent and branded feel. Each image feels like it belongs to a thought-out social media brand, which typically can cost $100–$200 of work from a graphic designer.

Here are a few more posts from the Short Awards on Instagram.

But let’s start up Yala — which is free for time being — and start off creating a new post.

First, I’ll add the Shorty Awards logo. This is just an example of course. You’d be wanting to use your own logo. Yala will automatically pick up important colors from your logo.

The next step is to pick a theme. I’ll choose Facet. It’s not exactly the same as the Shorty Awards image above, but I like this one more.

Once I have my theme, I add my simple message…

And here’s exactly how it’ll look on Instagram.

Notice how I now have a message that stands out along with my brand logo. But that’s not all. I can switch up the theme, and it’ll keep my brand colors and logo in tact.

I think I like this hand-written style a little more than the bold faceted style.

With the push of a button, I can now publish my branded social media message to all my accounts. The entire process took me less than 10 minutes.

We love designers too, but social media needs to happen even when you can’t afford one. Yala!

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