How To Get Your Video Strategy Off The Ground

How To Get Your Video Strategy Off The Ground

Video marketing is getting more popular every day. When you scroll through any social media app, video ads are becoming the norm. You know you need to implement video into your marketing strategy, but how? Cameras are expensive and video editing software is foreign to you. So how can you make high-quality videos without the million-subscriber budget? Let’s discuss some easy ways to get your video strategy off the ground once and for all! 

Plan Out Your Video Strategy

Before you start filming anything, you need to take a step back. Dedicate an hour or two to really think about your video strategy as a whole. That way, every video you create has a purpose and works toward a common goal. Each video may very well have different intentions, but you want to remember why you’re doing this in the first place. To get started, answer these six questions:

  1. WHY are you making videos?
  2. WHO do you hope will watch your videos?
  3. HOW should viewers feel when they watch your videos?
  4. WHAT types of videos are appropriate for your business? 
  5. WHEN are you going to post videos?
  6. WHERE do you want to share videos?

These six answers will help form your video strategy. Believe it or not by answering these questions, you’ve determined your goal, audience, intent, content, timing and distribution. Easy right?

Dedicate Time For Video

This is the biggest downfall we see with business owners and video marketing. It’s exciting at first but eventually fewer videos are shared and Youtube Channels go silent. That is why we recommend making a video schedule that can hold you accountable. Revert to question number four above. What types of videos are you planning on sharing? Can some of these videos become a series or weekly occurrence? If one video leads to another, you’re more inclined to film a sequel! At the end of a video, try sharing a teaser of the video you’re posting next week. That way, you’ll build anticipation from your viewers and accountability for yourself.

Another way to dedicate more time to video is to match certain videos with days of the week. Hashtags are a great source for creative themes to help keep your video strategy on track. We love #SmallBusinessSaturday, #FounderFriday, #MotivationMonday or #WednesdayWisdom. Get creative and don’t be afraid to even start your own hashtag like #SushiSunday or #MamaMondays. We’ve found this is a great exercise to keep beginner video makers on schedule. Once your videos pick up traction, viewers will look forward to videos every week!

Make Social Media Your Best Friend

Lights, camera, action! Now is the big part – actually filming your videos. Hopefully you have some great ideas in your pipeline, but how in the world do you get started? Well, make social media your best friend. You can have a successful video strategy without ever needing a Youtube channel or fancy camera. Video marketing can be accomplished with just your smart phone and social media apps. 

Once you’ve broken the ice, you can try Instagram Live. Viewers tuning into live video aren’t expecting fancy, perfectly scripted videos. They want to see authentic reactions and people being real! There is less pressure for live videos and they’re easy to make on the fly. Instagram Live is awesome for interviews, Q&A’s, sharing behind-the-scenes footage, and events. 

If you’re completely new to video, try out Instagram and Facebook Stories first. You don’t need to film and publish automatically. You can upload short clips from your phone giving you the flexibility of filming multiple takes. Then, mix these short video clips with photos too! Add some GIFS to your photos for extra movement and excitement. 

Moving Forward

Many people are camera shy so video marketing is a scary channel to get started with. We have the impression that video marketing requires high budgets and expensive equipment, but really all it needs is passionate people and some time. Ease into video until you’re comfortable behind the camera, then you can elevate your strategy from there! 

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about video advertising and how to make video ads on a budget! ✨

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