How to make your affiliate marketing not suck

How to make your affiliate marketing not suck

As an affiliate marketer, you need to sell to make your money. You aim to drive clicks, activate your followers and inspire people to engage with the brands you promote. But it’s a fine line between advertising products and sounding like a selling robot. 

Do you feel like you’re being too salesy? You don’t want to annoy your followers, so how can you make your affiliate marketing not suck? Let’s make the juice worth the squeeze. Level-up your affiliate marketing strategy with these tips.

Stick to Your Niche

It’s great that every type of business offers affiliates program, but that doesn’t mean you should promote them all! Find your niche and stick to it. It’s always better to market products to a specific group of people than to the masses. By honing in your audience, you can communicate more effectively with them since you speak a common language. With your affiliate marketing, be selective to promote brands that align with your followers’ interests, behaviors, and needs.

Need an introduction to affiliate marketing? We wrote a blog all about what it is and why it’s important to your business.

Actually Use the Products You Promote

Aside from promoting products your audience is likely to want, you need to build your streams from brands you enjoy! Promote brands, products, and services that you’re a fan of. Do you support the company’s mission, respect their quality, or just think it’s awesome? If not, find new companies to work with. When you join an affiliate program, you become a representative of the brand. Your followers will lose respect for you if you’re pushing products that you don’t genuinely believe in. Show yourself using the product every day. Explain how the brand changed your life. Most of all – be genuine! So ditch the fake smiles and go all in on a few programs you can commit to.

Consistency is Key

Don’t post, then ghost. Schedule your content so it posts consistently and your social media posts daily. Use a scheduling software to do the heavy lifting for you. That way, you can set it and forget it and focus on engaging daily rather than posting too. A trick to staying consistent is designating certain posts for days of the week, for example Motivation Monday or Tip Tuesdays. Not only does it give you a direction when brainstorming new content, but it creates consistency for your followers that they can look forward too. Plus, they make great hashtags. #YourWelcome

While they’re similar, there’s a big difference between affiliate and influencer marketing.

Don’t Sell, Educate

You don’t want to sound salesly, right? The way around this is to educate your audience. That way, you generate quality content versus posts that are all about you, the brand you’re promoting, and worse: selling. Your goal should be to educate and empower your followers. Your guidance and advice is what influences them to make a purchase. Talk about benefits or using the product in unique ways. Compare the product to its competitors. Don’t worry that quality content takes more time because: it’s okay to recycle content! One single blog post can be transformed into many other pieces of content (how about 21?). Put in the time and create blogs, eBooks, downloads, and social posts that will help your followers’ daily lives – and steer them toward your affiliate links.

Considering over 35% of affiliates earn over $20,000, you’re smart for wanting to be an affiliate marketer. You’re even smarter to want to improve your strategy. Whether you’re a veteran or a  novice, it’s great to reevaluate your thinking and try new ideas. Hopefully these tips help increase your clicks and referral traffic. Even if they don’t, you’ll be upgrading your marketing! 

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