5 tips to write better video ads with Yala

5 tips to write better video ads with Yala

Video ads are hard to make. That’s why Yala made them easy. Our video ads are short, on purpose. Shorter ads don’t just perform better, they’re easier for you to create. Yala breaks down our video ads into three parts:

make a video ad with yala in three steps choose video clip write a tagline display your logo

You only have to write one sentence – a tagline that shows in the middle of your video ad. However, even a simple one-liner can cause some serious writer’s block.

Many people kept asking for help, so we delivered. How can you write effective, better video ads with Yala? Here are five tips to get those creative juices flowing!

Watch examples of Yala video ads here.

Tip 1: Get to the point

Viewers attention spans are fleeting, so get to the point of what you’re trying to say. Let the video do the heavy lifting of capturing attention then BOOM – hit them with the facts and a direct call-to-action, like:

Summer Sale Starts Today

Everything is 20% off

Buy your tickets now

We’re sold out

Tip 2: Embrace the power of emotion

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Emotions are extremely powerful when it comes to marketing. That’s why all of Yala’s videos are designed to convey emotion. Position yourself as the solution to a problem or describe how your customers feel when they work with you. Put your heart on your sleeve with an emotional tagline like:

Frustrated? We got your back

Sending love to all our VIPs

Need a moment of relaxation?

Party like you own the place

Tip 3: Make video ads relatable

Companies are more trusted when they relate their products to their consumers. Leverage the power of “we’ve all been there” by making your video ads relatable to your viewers. Try something like:

Moving sucks. That’s why we’re here.

We all need extra coffee on Mondays

Not all heroes wear capes

Nothing to wear?

Tip 4. Give your viewers a task

What do you want your viewers to do? Help them take action by asking them to do something with your video ad. Some direct call-to-actions include:

Visit our online store

Call for a free home evaluation

555-555-5555 (your phone number can be a tagline!)

Stop by the open house

Tip 5. Use your post’s caption to expand

If your video ad is the bait, the caption is the hook, line, and sinker. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to write an epic one-liner in your video every time. The video ad simply attracts attention, but you can use your post’s caption to elaborate on the information you’re trying to convey. Here are some examples of video ad taglines and their captions.

Video Tagline (Attract Attention)Social Media Post Caption (Give Information)
Stop by the open house!This gorgeous 2BD won’t be on the market long. See you this Saturday at 123 Main Street!
We all need extra coffee on MondaysTry our new cold brew coffee this summer. Purchase a large cold brew and get a free bagel on Mondays!
Frustrated? We got your backPlumbing issues are never fun, that’s why we’re here. Call for a free consultation.
Summer sale starts todayVisit our boutique for a big summer blowout. Everything is 20% off!

Watch more examples of Yala video ads here.

Still experiencing some writer’s block?

Yala’s team is just an email away. Send us a message and we’ll find a time to chat and help you make a few personalized video ads! We’re in this together.

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