Improve your wellness brand’s well-being with Yala

Improve your wellness brand’s well-being with Yala

The wellness industry is thriving. Recent trends and the renewed focus on self-care have brought wellness to the forefront of many people’s radars. Wellness brands are popping up left and right following trends, promising (and proving) results, and gaining serious momentum. Whether you’ve been around for ages or are a new startup, Yala can help improve the online presence of your wellness brand.

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Convey a sense of serenity with Yala’s “Calm” video category.

Yala wants to simplify social media and video marketing for everyone, but wellness professionals, in particular, have found Yala helps to brand online. A large reason is Yala’s social video ads. Yala’s various video categories translate directly into the wellness industry. The category “Calm” is perfect for focusing on stress-relief, easing pain, meditation, and relaxation. Other brands are using our “Shopping” category to advertise sales or drive traffic to e-commerce websites. Yala’s short, reactionary videos are optimized to perform on all social media platforms. Yala has seen various wellness brands produce videos to:

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Yala’s videos help wellness brands get in front of more people.

If you’re hesitant to get started with video marketing, Yala helps blow past those fears. Yala was designed specifically to be the easiest way to create video ads. Social media video posts perform better than all other types, and it’s a great way to compliment other marketing, like buffing out your content marketing strategy. The great things about Yala videos are that their short nature and the square format allows you to share them all over. We’ve seen them embedded on websites, sent in email newsletters, posted on Youtube, and even on blog posts. 

Along with video ads, Yala helps schedule and manage your social media too. Yala’s smart AI learns your followers’ behaviors and posts your social media at the optimum times of engagement and reach. Plus, Yala’s graphic tools allow you to make social media graphics on-the-fly during your posting process. One tool does it all.

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Did you know Yala has a free plan? That’s right. Try making a video or scheduling some social posts with no commitment. Try it out!

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