Make an Announcement with Yala

Make an Announcement with Yala

So you have an announcement to make. You need to tell as many people as possible! Maybe you opened a new store location, released a new product, or launched a new website. Or, you updated your phone number, hired a new employee, or have an upcoming event. The possibilities are endless. What better way to share this news than with a graphic or video?

Video is the best way to share an announcement. Why? Video is memorable. Watching one minute of video is equivalent to reading 1.8 million written words in conveying a message. People retain information better through videos, so your message is bound to stick and resonate with your viewers.

Making an announcement with video also increases your chances to get in front of more people. Social media algorithms favor video content because it attracts more engagement than other types of posts. The more engagement (likes, comments, and shares) posts receive, the more reach it gets. Meaning, your announcement will get in front of more eyeballs! That’s how Facebook (and most all social media) videos work

In addition to video, graphics are another great way to share news. When you’re scrolling through a timeline, it’s easy to scroll past blocks of text but images catch your eye! Add some personality and creativity to your message by putting the text on a colored template.

Where do you want to share your announcement? Social media platforms, email newsletters, Youtube channels, or embedded on websites – Yala graphics automatically adjust to the size requirements of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Plus, videos can be embedded anywhere! You can download any video as a GIF or an MP4, meaning its versatility is infinite. It’s easy to spread the word when sharing is so simple.

Yala automatically resizes your graphics to fit whatever social platform you’re posting to!

It’s crucial to stay in touch with your customers and communicating with them is key. Your needs are endless, so good thing Yala’s videos create thousands of opportunities!

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Try out Yala for your next big (or small) announcement. Our free plan is the perfect opportunity to try out all the benefits of Yala without the commitment.

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