Meet the New Yala 🎥

Meet the New Yala 🎥

The makers behind Yala have been hard at work preparing the newest version of our product. The new Yala is making moves, literally. Now, you can create social media video ads! Design custom, animated graphics with your logo in seconds.

Here’s a sneak peek at Yala’s new social media video ad product!

Why social media video ads?

There are a lot of reasons Yala wanted to provide video ads. Most importantly, video marketing is the future. Video content performs better (135% better), and short video ads are the optimum length for social media (just take it from Sheryl Sanberg).

Video was a natural evolution for Yala since we already offer social-media-sized graphics for cross-platform posting. Yala’s AI and scheduling software determines the perfect times to post, so why wouldn’t we want to deliver better content too?

How does it work?

We’re on a mission to make social media marketing easier for everyone. So how exactly does it work?

  1. Simply upload your logo
  2. Add some text
  3. Choose from a variety of themes (even holiday!)
  4. “Animate” and watch Yala work its magic
  5. Download your masterpiece as a GIF or MP4

It’s that easy – seriously. We’ll keep you updated as we expand our video features and venture beyond just text animations. Get ready, because there’s a lot more in the Yala pipeline!

The hunt is on…

This is the third time Yala has successfully launched on Product Hunt and we’re more excited than ever.

Support Yala on Product Hunt

Our team listened to customer feedback and worked diligently to deliver Yala Video. The addition of video ads and animations has brought Yala full circle. It completes our offering by combining all aspects of social media marketing: scheduling, posting, analytics, graphic design, branding, cross-platform promotion, and now video marketing! Now, our customers can enjoy a full suite of products that make social media easier and smarter.

But this is only the beginning…

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