Exciting Text Images by Yala

It’s not easy to design graphics when the term “graphic designer” isn’t in your job title. You want to include quality images in your marketing, but without the time to learn design skills, where do you begin? There are tons of design tools out there, but you don’t want to dedicate the energy into learning yet another tool (or pay another monthly subscription fee). What if we told you that you can design graphics at the same time you’re scheduling a social media post?

Create branded text graphics as part of your natural scheduling process. Whenever you compose a new post, Yala gives you three options:

By selecting to create “an image” you are directed to Yala’s design tool. Using the colors from your logo, Yala automatically changes each of its templates to match YOUR brand colors. Click through the colored dots to switch background shades or drag and drop them to customize colors for a unique post. Then, add some text below your graphic and voila- your social post is done!

When you’re happy with your design and continue, you’ll see that Yala magically transforms the square graphic to the preferred dimensions of both Facebook and Twitter too! Now, when you schedule the post to certain platforms, it’ll be sure to use the correct size to optimize post-performance.

sale social media graphics made with yala

If you want to take your text to another level, you can animate it. Bring Yala text graphics to life by choosing to create a video instead of a graphic at the beginning. All of Yala’s templates can transform into video ads so now your text moves! Leave them as text, or add a live-action video clip. Download them as GIFs or MP4s so they’re ready to upload anywhere – to social posts, emails, comments, blogs and more. 

There are many reasons to include visuals in your social media posts. Why? Well, for starters many social platforms are image-focused *cough Instagram or Pinterest* so quality images are a necessity! On top of that, articles with images get 94% more views than those without, so buff out your blog with some nice graphics. Scrolling through Facebook or Twitter it’s easy to pass by blocks of text but when you publish a graphic (like the one above, for example) your followers see your call-to-action loud and clear! 

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Don’t let your audience miss out on important news, sales or events. Try out Yala to create exciting text images for all your social platforms and beyond! 

Design for Pinterest with Yala

Pinterest is every DIY-er’s dream. Loaded with recipes, how-to-graphics, crafts, inspirational quotes, beautiful images, and all-around inspiration, Pinterest is a creative’s paradise. You might be thinking; without a creative business, why should I spend any time on Pinterest? Well, you don’t need a “creative” brand that only attracts craft bloggers and travel photographers. In 2018, 50% of new Pinterest sign-ups were men and nearly ⅔ of all pins are related to a product or brand. See? Pinning is for everyone and every business!

As the 5th most popular social app in the U.S., Pinterest continues to grow in popularity. Small business advertisers increased by 50% from 2017-2018 and on average, advertising on Pinterest earns $2 profit for every $1 spent. It’s simple to advertise on the social network since similar to Facebook, you boost pins and pay for extra impressions. Pinterest offers in-depth analytics for business profiles, including monthly reports and audience insights (for free).

Pinterest is a long-term strategy. Unlike other platforms, a post on Pinterest, a “pin,” has a longer life. The average pin is shared 11 times and “on average, Pinterest’s content lasts 110 days, compared to YouTube’s twenty days, Instagram’s two days, Snapchat’s one day, Facebook’s five hours, and Twitter’s 17 minutes,” according to Jeff Bullas. That means each pin has the potential to attract leads for months! Drive people to your website, share valuable information, recycle blog content, and promote your products for months past the first publication. The options are truly endless.

Yala is a creative-focused company. We believe in making design simple, but effective. You can create original pin graphics perfect for Pinterest using Yala’s design tools. Keep text communication and graphics branded to you with Yala’s automatic color-matching technology. Before you know it, you’ll have boards of original content published on Pinterest ready to attract traffic for you.

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Design for Instagram with Yala

In the past few years, Instagram has risen to the top of the social media marketing charts. While it’s not the biggest platform itself, Facebook the largest monster out there owns it. Instagram attracts over 1 billion users per month and over 60% of its users log in daily. For marketers, Instagram is a gold mine attracting 25 million brand accounts. Over 80% of Instagrammers follow a brand and 60% admit to using the platform to discover new products. Influencer and affiliate marketing is exploding in popularity and many internet sensations leverage Instagram to advertise their products and #ads.

For small businesses (or any brand really), Instagram is a great place to raise awareness and promote online sales. Instagram offers Shopping features allowing you to link posts directly to your e-commerce store, making users 70% more likely to purchase products online than non-gram-users. Connecting with like-minded brands, influencers, and customers is simple. Tag yourself and others in your posts and encourage others to do the same. Then, promote a community hashtag (#YalaSocial) to grow your presence. You can place your profile in front of new people by using other popular or niche hashtags too. 

Yala loves Instagram and our profile is a testament to that. Instagram is a creative space to let your inner artist and personality shine. With filters and easy image editing, Instagram makes it easy to create professional-looking photographs without fancy equipment. What took a professional photographer and budget to create a decade ago can now be created with a filter and iPhone. On top of that, there are plenty of fun apps to make images even more enticing. Yala’s designer makes the perfect square graphic so sharing text in a creative way is simple.

Being on Instagram is a no-brainer for businesses and it should be on your radar too. By creating quality content and posting consistently, having an effective Instagram presence is possible for anyone; especially when Yala makes fun, engaging content easy.

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Did you know Yala has a free plan? Try making some original Instagram graphics and test out Yala with no commitment. P.S. You’re gonna love it.

Publish to LinkedIn with Yala

The most polished social media platform is by far LinkedIn. As the superior leader in professionalism, LinkedIn has over 260 million monthly active users and 40% access it daily. It’s an incredible platform to grow a business because it is simply that: all about business. So why should you publish to LinkedIn?

The first reason to use LinkedIn as a company is that you won’t be alone. In fact, LinkedIn is the #1 channel that B2B marketers use to distribute content at 94%. It is the source for industry news and trending topics. Since everyone leaves all the feel-good fluff to other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn maintains a space for professional posts. Even if you don’t publish regularly, LinkedIn is a great place to make brand announcements, discuss industry-related topics, or seek advice from others. Over 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs comes from LinkedIn. People are looking for expert opinions and reputable brands, so you need a presence here to be taken seriously.

Another reason to publish to LinkedIn is to connect with like-minded professionals or mentors. Social media is about being social and that means networking. It’s like a virtual cocktail reception but rather than shaking hands with strangers and exchanging business cards, you can look at profiles to learn someone’s background and message them to connect. When someone does agree to connect, be sure to send them a quick thank you and introduction. While you’re at it, don’t be shy and ask them to join your email list. It’s a clever strategy to grow your subscriber base. LinkedIn has opened a gateway to connect successful leaders with everyone. Leverage this bridge to build relationships with potential partners, media contacts, or like-minded businesses that support what you do. Plus, it’s a great place to scout talent if you’re hiring.

Networking aside, there are many ways to increase sales and conduct marketing via LinkedIn. Posting to the platform keeps you top-of-mind. If you decide to advertise on the platform, LinkedIn’s high-target abilities make audiences precise and perfect if you have a niche product. Once you figure out your target consumer, use LinkedIn to find out who they are.

Having a solid reputation online includes having a strong presence on LinkedIn. Yala services LinkedIn so posting to the platform is just as easy as any other channel. Share posts, create graphics and track engagement with your LinkedIn publications to build a better and more professional stance online!

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Publish to Twitter with Yala

Since its founding in 2006, Twitter has risen in popularity and has long been one of the largest social networks in the world. Behind Facebook and Youtube, Twitter is the third leading social site for businesses. The site broadcasts over 500 million tweets per day and brands tweet on average 122 times per month. Having a well-rounded social presence includes having a solid reputation on Twitter.

So why is Twitter important for businesses? According to the platform, 40% of tweeters say they made a purchase based on an influencer’s tweet and 73% of Twitter users shop online each month (compared to 69% of Facebook users). Aside from attracting leads for online shoppers, 74% of people who follow a brand do so for product updates making Twitter a great place to make announcements and share news.

“Twitter is not a technology. It’s a conversation. And it’s happening with or without you.”

– @charleneli

While Facebook might help build a sense of community, Twitter is king for 1×1 interactions. It’s so easy to @mention an individual or a brand, that Twitter has single-handedly bridged the gap between consumers and businesses. It’s an incredible space for customer service, allowing you to reply in real-time. Plus by handling problems publically, your transparency can build trust and respect among your followers.

Another reason to start tweeting is to improve your search rankings and SEO. The content of tweets is considered relevant in Google searches, making these short social posts extremely valuable. You can take these written text tweets to another level by sharing an image or video too. For example, tweets that included an image scored 35% more retweets.

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Yala’s graphics automatically size to Twitter’s preferred dimensions. Plus, Yala’s smart AI schedules tweets when your followers are online to get as much reach as possible.

Did you know Yala has a free plan? Try it out and improve your Twitter social strategy today.

Publish to Facebook with Yala

Facebook is approaching 2.5 billion users and is without a doubt the largest social media platform in the world. Having a business presence on this social giant isn’t optional; it’s necessary for any successful marketing strategy, but it’s not always easy. That’s why Yala is here.

Why is Facebook so important to businesses? Because Facebook is focused on connecting one another and forming relationships. When you build an audience on Facebook, you’re building a community among your followers. It opens a gateway for conversation between you and your customers. This trusting relationship builds a foundation of loyal fans. Facebook is also a great place for brands to add a personal flair to their business. While other platforms are more professionally or update focused, Facebook tends to be more personal and light-hearted allowing for fun content.

“Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.”

– Brian Solis, FutureWorks

Facebook promotes posts that attract engagement; that means more than just likes. Facebook wants users to see posts that gain comments, start conversations, and get shares. When a brand flourishes on Facebook, it’s because they spark true social interactions amongst fans. In return, users’ timelines become filled with more content they care about (or so Facebook says).

The downside is that getting engagement is extremely difficult. Years ago, when someone “liked” your business page, that meant they saw your posts regularly. Because of recent algorithm updates, Facebook now only promotes content that inspires engagement, so organic reach is getting harder and harder for the average business.

Hear us out though. Facebook is necessary for any business because it offers unlimited opportunities for reach and growth. While posts may not yield high impressions anymore organically, Facebook’s Ad Manager allows for in-depth customer targeting and custom, powerful ad campaigns for dollars a day. Facebook advertising is an incredible way to get in front of new audiences and test new markets.

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Yala’s custom graphics and video ads are optimized to perform on Facebook. Creating content, scheduling and publishing to Facebook are seamless with Yala’s easy-to-use software. 

Increase Social Reach with Yala

You want to get your brand in front of as many people as possible, right? Raising brand awareness is important to get the word out and let more people know you exist. Part of that strategy means increasing your social reach too. Placing yourself on people’s feeds and building a following online is crucial to modern-day marketing, especially since people spend over two hours per day on social media. Good thing Yala helps increase your social reach!

The first way Yala increases social reach is by helping you post quality content, like socially optimized graphics. As this blog puts it, “Visuals are no longer a nicety; they’re an essential, core component of a successful social media strategy.” For example, tweets that included an image scored 35% more retweets. Posts with images receive 2.3 times the engagement than those without. By posting more graphics, you’re bound to increase engagement which in turn, grows your social reach. Plus, Yala’s graphics auto-size to the optimal dimensions of the platform you’re posting to so you can save time and kiss resizing goodbye.

Next up are Yala’s videos. With 1080p, high-quality video ads, Yala makes your posts more than just text. Like graphics, videos also attract more engagement on social media (10x more likely) so your post goes further. Curious why your Facebook feed is covered in videos? Social platforms now favor video content! These are the top eight industries leveraging video marketing, but nearly every brand is jumping on board now.

Another way Yala increases your social reach is by posting all your content at the best times possible. Yala’s smart AI studies your followers’ behaviors and schedules your posts when it believes the highest amount of your audience is engaging online. Did we mention Yala is unlimited? There’s no limit to how many videos, graphics or posts you schedule either. The sky’s the limit in growing your social reach with Yala.

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Event Reminders with Yala

If you have a big event coming up, it’s up to you to spread the word. There’s nothing worse than hearing someone say after the fact, “Oh, I didn’t know about it!” Thankfully, Yala makes event reminders fun and easy.

One way to send friendly event reminders with Yala is through our video ads. Create fun videos that capture people’s attention and of course, tell them about your big event. Yala has video categories specifically for reactions that are perfect for making announcements and sharing event details.

Another way Yala improves event communication is through its graphics. Matching your logo, Yala automatically changes all its templates to your brand colors. Rest assured, you have the creative freedom to mix and match any color combinations you want! Play with our theme library and capture the mood you want. Once you’re happy with your design, Yala automatically resizes it to any social platform so it fits on feeds and timelines perfectly. 

sale social media graphics made with yala

Ensure that your posts reach the maximum number of followers by scheduling your social media with Yala too. Yala’s smart AI studies your followers’ behaviors and automatically publishes when it predicts the most people will be online. This means more people will see your post! You don’t need to worry about when; just simply create beautiful content and let Yala worry about the timing.

Since creating beautiful, high-quality content is so easy with Yala, you can make new graphics or videos every day counting down your event! With more eyes on you and your brand, people are bound to be excited about your event and participate.

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Facebook Ads with Yala

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. Nearly every person or brand is represented and whether you like it or not, a Facebook presence is normalized and necessary for any modern marketing or social media strategy.

However, with continuous updates, Facebook isn’t making it easy for business owners to get in front of their audiences. According to this study, less than 2% of fans see organic posts and engagement dropped over 58% since the infamous algorithm update of 2018. Without a post gaining engagement (shares, comments, replies, and interactions), it falls off timelines – fast.

So how can you get more engagement on Facebook and get in front of more people organically? VIDEO. Most social platforms are moving toward video and promoting this form of content. Why? For starters, it performs better. Video gets 135% more reach than photos. In a study we ran with Yala’s Facebook page, we found videos attracted double the engagement and 23% more impressions! It’s easier than you think to kickstart your video strategy. Yala is here to help!

When you want to advertise beyond your own Facebook audience, there’s paid Facebook advertising. It’s one of the most sophisticated marketing platforms because of its audience insights like demographics, interests, social behavior and more. There are many types of Facebook ads but the best performing one is (you guessed it!) video. 

An advertising agency and fellow Yala customer found that Yala video ads skyrocketed their Facebook efforts. They went from nearly $50/lead to under $10/lead thanks to the success of Yala video ads.

With 2.38 billion users (yes, billion with a B), Facebook is reportedly growing 36% year-over-year. You need to grow your presence on the platform and video is one of the best options to do so. Thankfully, we’re in this with you and eager to help grow your business on Facebook.

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Highlight your Call-to-Action with Yala

A big part of advertising is encouraging your audience to do something. Whether it’s to visit your store, go to your website, download your app, or just be aware of your brand, you’re constantly asking something of your viewers. This is a “call-to-action” or CTA, and having a clear CTA is vital to any successful marketing strategy.

Yala videos and graphics are an amazing way to highlight your CTA. In less than 10 seconds, a Yala video ad conveys emotion with a live-action clip, displays your CTA through some text, and then promotes your brand with your logo. This threesome makes for the perfect marketing combination, especially on social media.

It’s easy to write a clear, effective CTA with Yala. Here are five tips for writing better video ads and many examples to give you some inspiration. A CTA within a video gets 380% more clicks than normal sidebar ads! 

real estate videos with yala

If you have a lot going on, you might want to tell your customers everything at once. But, it’s better to only advertise one CTA at a time. For example, emails with a single CTA increased click links by 371% and sales by 1617% (yes, thousands!). That’s why Yala’s short video ads are a great outlet for this. You’re able to leave out everything that’s not necessary or effective! 

Now, you can deliver your announcements with emotion and excitement in a way that drives your viewers to take action. Next time you want to tell your customer something, tell them through a Yala video!

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