Promote Your Brand with Yala

Promote Your Brand with Yala

Increasing brand awareness is a slippery slope. It’s easy to get your logo in front of the masses, but how do you make it stick? The average American is exposed to 4,000+ advertisements per day. A logo, Facebook post, or tweet might get in front of them, but it quickly slips between the cracks when you’re up against thousands of other brands competing for attention. To promote your brand, you need to rise above your competitors and make a lasting impression that boasts personality and enforces not just your company, but YOU! 

Branding is your first impression and you need to put your best foot forward. Yala’s videos clips are high-quality, 1080p and optimized for social media. On top of that, Yala makes branding easier than ever. Simply upload your logo and BOOM – all of Yala’s video and graphic templates are automatically converted into your brand colors. But we believe in total creative freedom, so channel your inner Picasso and swap out colors to fit any vibe you’re going for. 

Even if your branding is on point, your ads need to stand out. That’s where Yala’s video clips come in. All of Yala’s videos are directed to spark emotion. They convey feelings like frustration, happiness, annoyance, shock, and more. Why? Emotional marketing is memorable. When you connect a feeling to your brand, people can relate to you. If you ease frustration, tell them. If you solve a problem, show them. If you create happiness, share with them! Emotional marketing inspires reactions and when Yala videos position you as a solution: you win.

Another way Yala videos help you promote your brand is by gaining you more impressions. The new algorithms of social platforms actually favor video content, so a video ad gains more organic reach than other types of posts. Yala videos get your logo and your message in front of more eyeballs. If you advertise with Yala videos, enjoy higher conversions and lower CPAs. One Yala client went from nearly $50/lead to under $10/lead with a Facebook campaign! 

Yala makes social media and video marketing easy but doesn’t compromise on quality or creative freedom. Promote your brand and increase awareness with Yala videos!

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