Publish to Twitter with Yala

Publish to Twitter with Yala

Since its founding in 2006, Twitter has risen in popularity and has long been one of the largest social networks in the world. Behind Facebook and Youtube, Twitter is the third leading social site for businesses. The site broadcasts over 500 million tweets per day and brands tweet on average 122 times per month. Having a well-rounded social presence includes having a solid reputation on Twitter.

So why is Twitter important for businesses? According to the platform, 40% of tweeters say they made a purchase based on an influencer’s tweet and 73% of Twitter users shop online each month (compared to 69% of Facebook users). Aside from attracting leads for online shoppers, 74% of people who follow a brand do so for product updates making Twitter a great place to make announcements and share news.

“Twitter is not a technology. It’s a conversation. And it’s happening with or without you.”

– @charleneli

While Facebook might help build a sense of community, Twitter is king for 1×1 interactions. It’s so easy to @mention an individual or a brand, that Twitter has single-handedly bridged the gap between consumers and businesses. It’s an incredible space for customer service, allowing you to reply in real-time. Plus by handling problems publically, your transparency can build trust and respect among your followers.

Another reason to start tweeting is to improve your search rankings and SEO. The content of tweets is considered relevant in Google searches, making these short social posts extremely valuable. You can take these written text tweets to another level by sharing an image or video too. For example, tweets that included an image scored 35% more retweets.

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Yala’s graphics automatically size to Twitter’s preferred dimensions. Plus, Yala’s smart AI schedules tweets when your followers are online to get as much reach as possible.

Did you know Yala has a free plan? Try it out and improve your Twitter social strategy today.

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