Rise Up in Retail with Yala

Rise Up in Retail with Yala

Shopping might be considered retail therapy but running a retail business is a different story. Endless competition and ever-changing trends make staying on top tough. “One day you’re in, and the next, you’re out.” Heidi Klum was on to something so what can you do to rise up in retail, sell more, and stand out?

Facebook advertising is a great way to get in front of more people, increase your reach, and promote your brand. Yala’s videos are perfect for Facebook ads. In fact, they perform great. One Yala customer found that Yala video ads skyrocketed their Facebook efforts. They went from nearly $50/lead to under $10/lead thanks to the success of Yala video ads.

Yala’s “Shopping” video category is perfect for retail businesses to gain attention and drive traffic to e-commerce websites. Yala’s short, reactionary videos are optimized to perform on all social media platforms. Yala has seen various retail brands produce videos to:

yala video ads shopping retail category

Yala helps bring all your social media marketing under one roof. Publishing fun content Facebook or Twitter, and keeping things professional on LinkedIn is streamlined with Yala. Graphic and video creation is combined with your scheduling software making SMM easier.

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Advertise sales, make announcements and more! The possibilities are endless for your retail business with Yala.

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