The 5 Most Common Marketing Mistakes from 2018

The 5 Most Common Marketing Mistakes from 2018

Last year was a time of transformation for the world of marketing. Social media changed significantly for business profiles and forced us to market in a new way. In 2018, we learned to play with new algorithms and promote real conversations and engagement across platforms.
Although 2019 has a lot of exciting marketing trends forecasted, let’s reflect on last year before we plan ahead. Here are the top five mistakes that marketers made in 2018. If you’re guilty of one (or more!), we’ll teach you how to leave those mistakes behind.

#1: You didn’t engage with followers

Easily the most common mistake of 2018; marketers did not engage with their audiences. Why is engagement so critical? Engagement (replying, commenting, retweeting, tagging, sharing, etc.) powers many social media algorithms. As Facebook puts it, the more “meaningful conversations” that a post creates, the more people will see the post organically. Often, we saw customers comment or share something and the company remained silent! As a marketer, respond to every outreach and promote conversations yourself. Acknowledge new followers, tag other companies (or people!), and always share like-minded content.

#2: You posted the same thing across all platforms

Sure, it’s easy to create one post then schedule it across all platforms, but not in 2019! Social media platforms’ posting guidelines range from character count to graphic size needs. When you post the same thing cross-platform, you risk cutting your sentences short or your images displaying incorrectly. Unfortunately, this laziness doesn’t go unnoticed. Dedicate the time this year to post unique to each platform depending on its posting needs and your audience’s wants. Different sites have different missions for businesses. LinkedIn is for professional connections and networking, but Facebook is a place to promote conversations and have fun. Think about your favorite brands and analyze how their posts vary for different social sites. Draw inspiration from them!

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#3: You grew your follower count by following/unfollowing

If number two made us cringe, this mistake makes us cry! Many believe the way to increase your follower count by following and unfollowing many accounts, most commonly on Instagram or Twitter. This might boost your numbers immediately, but you’ll see over time your follower count slowly fades. In the long run, your followers will plateau and you’ll attract “fake” followers – or those that aren’t related to your brand or business. Your goal shouldn’t be to have more followers but rather attracting true, like-minded followers. The best strategy is quality over quantity if you’re expecting to see results and ROI. To gain real followers, follow accounts who are related to your business and interact with them. Leave genuine comments and build relationships. Read their captions and share your input. It takes time, but it’s more effective. We promise!

#4: You ignored video marketing

If there was ever a marketing trend to gain momentum in 2018, it was video marketing. The big mistake, however, was ignoring it! Video content is taking over the internet and it performs better than other types of posts. Implementing video content into your marketing strategy is easier than you think. Here’s a post all about getting your video strategy off the ground! Start with posting short Instagram stories that don’t need editing or film planning. When you’re ready to level-up, try filming an interview or Q&A since answers can be short and sweet. No matter what you’re publishing, make sure you stay true to your voice and brand’s story-telling. That leads us to the last mistake of 2018.

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#5: You didn’t share your story

Marketers often get so caught up in selling a product or service, they forget to tell the story behind it. The “why” behind your business is vital because it transcends your messaging into meaning. Sharing the story or mission behind a brand creates emotional marketing which in turn, creates higher invested customers. This is the reason content marketing became such a phenomenon in recent years. Not only does content marketing allow brands to position themselves as industry leaders by sharing education, but it lets them broadcast a voice, attract an audience of like-mind people, and create a loyal community of followers. When you’re searching for new content to share, try storytelling. Share an interview of your founder and the reasons you created a product. Tell your audience why you started and how you’re making a difference.

Out with the old and in with the new, right? Ditch these five marketing mistakes and embrace a new, healthier marketing strategy in 2019. Stay tuned for more educational social media and video marketing posts. Happy new year, and good luck!

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