The Non-Techie Guide to Real Estate Social Media

The Non-Techie Guide to Real Estate Social Media

Marketing gurus and #entrepreneur influencers make it sound like building a real estate brand is something you can do in your sleep. You might read articles about ROI funnels and social media campaigns, but where do you begin? It sounds great in theory, but unless you’re well-versed in marketing and have a firm grasp on SMM (p.s. That’s social media marketing), we can quote Arianna Grande: Thank you, next. Where’s the guide for real estate pros who aren’t tech-savvy?

Good news: if you’re not tech-savvy, social media is a gateway drug to the world of marketing. Social media is also an incredible place to attract leads, build relationships, and position yourself as a RE expert. Here’s your guide to effective real estate social media without all the B.S.

Choose your hero social platform(s)

In the wise words of Oprah, “You can have it all, just not all at once.” As a SMM newbie, don’t overwhelm yourself by making a profile on every platform. Choose your hero platforms that you’re most comfortable using, you have the most connections on, and that you enjoy spending time on. It’s better to focus on quality posts on just a few platforms, than scattering quick posts everywhere. We advise focusing on just two or three platforms.

Make complimentary profiles

Now that you have your favorite platforms, let’s make them cohesive. Match your profile photos, bios, and cover photos whenever you can. Even better, try to have these images correlate with those on your website. That way, when a follower clicks from a social profile through to your website, it’s a streamlined, branded experience. More importantly, make sure all your images are high-resolution and fit to size. For a quick test, check your profiles on more than one internet browser and on your phone! 

Let your personality shine

Branding might be your first impression, but let’s talk about connecting with your audience. When you write posts or brainstorm content ideas, think about your voice and tone. Can you add a pun for humor? Share a funny meme that will make people laugh? Wear your heart on your sleeve and let your passion come through your social presence. Social media is about being social! You want to promote engagement and spark conversations. This authentic representation of you is not only easier to share, but it makes you relatable! People like brands they can trust, and that means you. Share your business story, testimonials, real-estate-related personal interests, and other tidbits that make you real.

Social media is about being SOCIAL!

Create useful content

You might think people want to hear about the new listing you just got, but that only appeals to a handful of people who are in the buying market. Be sure to mix up the type of content you share. Differentiate your posts sharing a range of items like industry updates, local news, DIY projects, recipes, etc. Just think: what’s missing out there? What questions do your clients frequently ask you? Share advice, expert opinions, and beneficial tips. Once you try many content types, you can see which perform best and post more of those! You’re a wealth of knowledge, so share that with your audience on content that both educates and excites them. You want your followers to anticipate updates for you. Do this by posting quality content, consistently!  

Get in front of more people with video

The social media world is heading toward video because we as users are eating it up. In a small case study using our own Facebook page analyzing 50 posts, video posts received 23% more impressions and double the engagement! Don’t take it from us, video content performs better. Try using Instagram Stories or Facebook Live since these on-the-fly videos don’t require planning and are generally easier to capture. In addition to live video, try sharing posts that contain video ads to grow your reach organically. Keep videos short (under 10 seconds) and get to the point asap! If you need help making social videos, try out Yala.

Even if you didn’t grow up with a tablet in your hand, you can still have an effective social media presence online. Keeping a strong social reputation will help build your network, attract leads, and keep you and your RE brand top of mind. You won’t see magical results overnight but you’ll slowly build a following of invested, loyal fans. Tech guru or not, you’re on your way to becoming a SMM superstar!

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