Illustration by Rogie King

There’s a difference between being smart and being wise. Do you do things professionally and according to convention? Do you think ahead? Do you mostly make sound decisions? Can you synthesize information quickly and integrate it? If so, that’s great. You are probably smart.

You need to be smart to be a scientist but you need to be wise (probably weird too) to make a breakthrough.

You need to be smart to write an impressive poem or paint something majestic, but you need to be wise (probably weird too) to bring tears or make life-changing art.

Being yourself is inherently weird because you’re unique. It’s precisely this quality that we find appealing in exceptional companies.

Do you possess weird? Or do you follow the rules and treat business like a science?

Do you possess weird? Or do you inform your processes mostly by how others do/scale/fundraise/hire?

Does your startup possess weird? Or are your advisors mostly conventional thinkers?

Are you weird enough to be wise and wise enough to be weird? If yes, let the whacky, unconventional, zesty and courageous side of you have a space in your business and you’ll be all the better for it.

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