Who Uses Video Marketing?

Who Uses Video Marketing?

…and does your business really need it?

Video marketing is all the rage now. Facebook is pushing and prioritizing video content, YouTube is growing faster than ever, and the internet is on fire with influencers becoming famous from it. You can’t escape video. People are publishing videos every day, but who is really using it as part of their marketing strategy? And more importantly, does your business really need it?

You have a million other marketing duties to worry about. There are social media and email, SEO and blogging. Do you really need to add video marketing, yet another medium, into the mix? Considering 81% of companies report they use video, we’ve got good and bad news. Bad news – yes, you should begin incorporating video marketing into your strategy. Good news – it’s not nearly as hard as you think. By the end of this blog, you’ll know:

  • The top 8 industries using video marketing
  • Why your business should implement video
  • How to position your videos to beat your competition

What Industries Use Video?

You’re bombarded with video ads and content daily, but who is behind these ads? Here are the top eight industries investing in video marketing this year. Even though some of these industries seem giant, there’s a good chance your business falls into one of these categories. You may not be a leading finance firm, but you do own an accounting business. You’re not Nordstrom, but you just opened a retail store. Even though big enterprise companies may not be your direct competitors, your customers are used to seeing video marketing from these industries.

8 industries video marketing

Video Marketing for Your Business

The facts are stacked against you and in favor of video marketing. Let’s change that attitude and rather than dreading the thought of cameras and video software; let’s think of it as an AWESOME opportunity. Video marketing doesn’t mean you have to create a Youtube channel and attract millions of views. It doesn’t mean fancy lighting, professional script writing, and good hair days. Your videos can compete with big box stores, even without their massive advertising budgets. Simple video marketing can be done successfully with just a smartphone and some intelligent planning.

We’ve seen tons of small businesses leverage video marketing in clever ways. How? Their strategies and messaging are localized, personalized, and address their specific audience. Don’t create videos for the world. Create videos for YOUR customers. In fact, try making videos for your already existing customers first. Not only will this re-engage them and remind them of your brand, but it will eventually attract like-minded prospects and drum up new business.

A great first video is explaining the “why” behind your business. Next, film videos that are educational or show your product(s) used in strange ways. Share some behind the scenes clips or interview your employees or customers (or you!). Here are 10 more creative video ideas you can try. If you’re a little camera shy, get started sharing shorter video clips via Instagram or Facebook Stories. Before you know it, you’ll look forward to filming fun videos on the job and your audience will grow more attached to your brand.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about how to get your video marketing strategy off the ground and on a budget! ✨

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