Work can be art, if we care.

Updating the way we think about work.

Work by Taylor Lahey

We sometimes think that if circumstances were different, we’d have more potential.

We sometimes think that our potential is capped because of our boss, or because of the stuff around us that we just can’t change.

We sometimes feel like our work environment is permeated by commercial concerns, making it hard to think freely and be creative.

If you believe that your environment is immutable and that there’s nothing you can do other than escape, there’s only one option…

Make your work art.

When you make your work art, what happens around you matters less — or not at all. Your environment can’t just change. But you can change, if you care.

When you make your work art, you perfect yourself. Every detail, every minute, every thing you do. So make your work art, and and see the magical effect of how everything around you… changes.

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