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Alfred Lua with Buffer Optimal posting times automatically so you don’t have to think about the posting times at all!

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Christian Montoya
Christian Montoya, Designer/Photographer Delightful. Impressive.
Thomas Mead
Thomas Mead, Super awesome. Easy to use.
Aaron Agius
Aaron Agius, Social Media Examiner It's simple.
C.L. Brenton
C.L. Brenton, The Real Daily Yala's our hip millennial intern, without all the whining, and a heck of a lot smarter.
Thomas Mead
Jarrod Drysdale, Studio Fellow The automagical feel of Yala is super cool!
Ryan Foland
Ryan Foland, Digital Youth Marketer Yala works as advertised.

Yala solves the critical problems that every social media marketer deals with.

It's the fastest way to get original human content published on all your social networks when your audience is attentive.

What if you made a great post but it didn't reach your audience?

That's where Yala comes in.

Machine learning calculates the exact moment your followers are most likely to engage...

And posts when your audience is attentive, returning more reach and more business from your social media marketing efforts.


How Yala's artificial intelligence works.

  • Yala analyzes your unique social media audience behaviour.
  • Algorithms calculate the best times to post for each network.
  • Posts are automatically deployed at the right time.
  • Machine learning makes Yala smarter with every post.


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  • Perfect time scheduling
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  • Automatic image optimization
  • Post reminders
  • Team collaboration on Slack
  • Reports (coming soon)

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